Best practices for a Root Cause Analysis – perspective of facilitator

We do problem solving workshops all the time, but what can we learn from it?

In two posts I will share some best practice from a different angle. The first post will handle the perspective of the facililator of the event (or also the coachee). The other perspective will handle the coach his view point.

Defaults like “start on time”, “training”, etc. are omitted, unless it’s considered critical.
I am sure there are many more best practices ready to be shared, so please do!

Preparation of the workshop

  What was learned? Why is it critical?
1 Prepare the problem to be SMART and unique. Set focus/goal. Avoid ambiguity
2 Logistics: Make sure you reserve at least two hours. Avoid stopping before the action plan is created
3 Logistics: make sure the room is large enough, book in time, check available tools, create workshop kit. Avoid loosing time on start
4 Pick your main contributors. Avoid actions & results which are not accepted after the workshop.
5 Choose a third party facilitator when diving into political/sensitive issues or you are a key contributor yourself. Facilitation & contributing at once is not possible.

During the workshop

6 Agree on the problem with the group. Set focus/goal. Avoid discussions on workshop start.
7 Strong facilitation. When in problems maintain the process. Stay out of the content. Adjust agenda to group dynamics.
8 Deliver clear action plan with assigned follow-up responsible. Make sure the road to results is paved.
9 Emphasize to focus on identifying actual causes vs. blame. Avoid finger pointing, make save the power of the group.
10 Use 5 why. Don’t stop after one answer: get to the root causes.
11 Creat a separate RCA for complex root causes. Avoid long RCAs without result.
12 Clarify the role of the coach. Avoid the impression of supervision or audit.

After the workshop

13 Follow-up on action plan. Ensure personal actions that were assigned and agreed are follow-up.
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