A daily sense of measurable accomplishment

To measure is to know. How can we apply this principle to our daily jobs?

Every day we drag ourselves to work. Why is that? Why aren’t we eager to wake up and take up the challenge?
This drag could be related to job satisfaction. Every day we do our best for accomplishing our different assignments, but how do we know if we’re doing a great job? When we apply some of the principles of result planning, we could install metrics for ourselves that tell us if we had a great day or not. An example metric for a consultant or coach is the number of people coached during the day, the number of improvement opportunities identified, the number of successful workshop lead by your coachee, …

If the metrics are installed you can see how you’re doing for the day, but we need to go further. Make sure you know what your and your team member’s contribution is. Why are you doing that job? Why is not someone else doing it, but you are? How can you make a difference? When people know that they matter, they will perform better. That also counts for you.

For example, when you are using a whiteboard for your team planning, are you checking on them or are following up on the work done (ie. the results)? Are you rewarding your team players for the great work they have done? Do you celebrate successes in public?

Don’t make the same mistakes as when they did when designing the ISO9000 standard. If the only goal is to confrom the measurements, you won’t increase the job satisfaction of you and your team members.

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