The 10 commandments of a gemba walker

CommandmentsIn practice, gemba walks mean management on the work floor. It can be compared with Management By Walking Around (MBWA), a term used by the PMI in its literature.

But why limit this to only management? Gemba walks can be extended to all levels in the hierarchy!

In this blog entry you find the commands of a true gemba walker.

  1. Invite your direct manager for a visit.
  2. Invite your customer for a visit.
  3. Go see you peers.
  4. Go outside the borders of your own department, or even entity.
  5. Visit your customer and learn from their experience.
  6. Learn from the good, but also the bad things you come across.
  7. There is no silver bullet. Try to understand why colleagues are working that way.
  8. Do not give orders, but coach and challenge.
  9. If applicable, take something home with you to escalate or help with.
  10. Never stop gemba walking.

When following these commandments, we would like to welcome you to the community of true gemba walkers.

Spread the message.

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