We read for you: The Right Decision Every Time

The Right Decision Every Time - book coverWe take thousands of decisions each day and you actually just took another one when starting to read this review (and you took another one after reading the first line). Some of these decisions are minor, some of these are major. With thousands of decisions a day you could say it’s an important part of our live, and of your job. Still, few people can state how they exactly make or made their decisions, and few people have actually got some education about decision taking.

Did you ever had the feeling that you took an important decision, but had immediate remorse after it? Are you awake at night thinking of what to do? You probably did not decide with confidence or aren’t aware of everything. The Right Decision Every Time gets you acquainted with some of the hurdles in the decision making progress: lack of a clear objective, lack of constraints, dealing with emotions, lack of a clear perspective and difficulty in selecting options.

The author, Luda Kopeikina, proposes to use a decision map which you fill in during the process, and it’s really simple. Each of the steps will make you explicitly reflect about it.

Some important takeaways from the book:

  • If you have to make a though decision, go into what is called “the Clarity State”. Clear your head, focus on the decision, no multi-tasking. The key in making great decisions is to focus your physical, mental and emotional resources.
  • It’s ok to get emotional when you’re taking decisions. You are not a robot. Acknowledge the emotions and figure why they matter. Detach and use them.
  • The decision objective is not the decision question! Eg. “what is the best way to spread Root Cause Analysis best pratices?” –> “what is the best way to help people start with doing RCA?”
  • Think positive: formulate your constraints as objectives to overcome the concerns they are based on. Eg. “I’m concerned for the acceptance of the metrics” –> “Constraint: gain acceptance for the metrics”.
  • The clearer your decision definition, the better you can work with it and defined possible options.
  • If you’re still in doubt after deciding, you probably didn’t take everything into account.
  • Make sure it’s clear to you if you need to make the decision, or that only your advice is needed.
  • If you assume, you make an ASS  of U and ME.
  • Try to look at the decision from another perspective. Expand your view. Take a longer time frame. Turn the decision around. Why would happen if you would not take it?

So is this book a good read? Well, the main focus of The Right Decision Every Time is on getting into the Clarity State, so the major part of the book handles this state, its importance and how you can reach it. The book has many example stories so you can see how the decision map is used in practice, but after reading it I had the feeling a whitepaper could have been a better medium than a 250 page book.

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