Clear your mind and the rest will follow

Up at night, thinking hard. Some tips to clear your mind.

SleeplessDo you know the feeling that you’re late up in your bed, trying to sleep but actually still very awake? You’re thinking about work and all the things you still need to do. It’s not because of stress, but there is still so much in your head.

You can almost compare like when you went out and had one drink too much. You go directly to bed, but when you lay down you know: if I don’t drink enough or take a pain-killer in advance, I’ll have a hangover tomorrow and a tough day will wait. You know you need to drink some water if you want to have a good sleep and a good next day.

It’s the same with work: if you’re still up late sobbing, you probably forgot to close down your day. The solution: before you leave for home at 17h create a short list with what you need to do the next day. Mark your priorities en the optional tasks. The next day you can start right away!

Did you forgot to do it? No problem: make sure there’s a notebook or a smartphone next to your bed. If you still have an idea or there’s something you cannot forget: write it down and make sure you add a verb to the action. Eg. “write report for boss”.

These tips will give you peace of mind… and sleep will follow! Good night!

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One thought on “Clear your mind and the rest will follow

  1. […] je taken al voor de volgende dag zodat je dan onmiddellijk kunt beginnen. Dit vermijdt dat je ’s nachts zit te piekeren over wat je de volgende dag (eerst) moet […]

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