Gamification in HR: 15 key takeaways

GamificationAt the first day of the “Gamification in HR” summit in Paris we got demonstrations and insights of various business games from the area of recruitment to learning at work. The group concluded with 15 key insights which are shared in this blog.

What games know but business don’t

  • More rewards don’t mean better participation. Try to motivate people beyond giving bonuses and money.
  • Before winning you have to fail. We have to feel what we have earned. Don’t make it to easy to win, it’s boring and makes you quit.
  • Competition comes third. Collaboration and x matter more.

Making games applicable to diverse target audiences

  • Get to know your different customers and their preferences: do an assessment about their motivators.
  • Include many different game elements to make it intesting for everybody.
  • Add different story lines to the same game;
  • Use a facilitator to support and help drive the outcome. This in a way that participants are not lost and left behind during the progress of the game.

Branding the gamification concept internally and externally

  • Find out which buttons work for your management’s emotions. Look at it from an organization or employer branding perspective. Avoid motivational instead of gamification arguments.
  • Use your network to promote your game. When you launch it, it’s supported by the organization.

Implementing gamification step by step

  • You need the buy-in from senior management to go for gamification.
  • Align with business objectives to achieve success.
  • Make it genuine. Gamification is not a target at self. It cannot be against marketing or other objectives.

Linking competencies assessment and gamification

  • Assessment need to go beyond taking a picture of a temporary performance. With gamification you have a way to also monitor progress.
  • Measure competences, but also emotions.
  • Games generate more data. We need to learn how to manage the data.
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