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Zelfzorg, het antwoord op stress en burn-out?

Graphic recording van de sessie “Zelfzorg, het antwoord op stress en burn-out?”.

De voorstelling bestond uit 2 delen: ‘Wie niet goed voor zichzelf zorgt, kan ook niet voor een ander zorgen’ een monoloog door Nele Snoeck, actrice & opleider, en ‘Zelfzorg, een permanente uitdaging’ door Prof. Marc Buelens, Vlerick Business School.



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More people at your events

How can you get more people at your events? Below a visualization with some positive and negative tips to get the participants to stick to their subscription and to attend the session.

Graphic recording: more people at your events

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Visual recording quick start

Template for strategy workshop

Visual recording is a method of processing and storing information using visuals combined with text instead of text only. We discussed it earlier in the blog post “Getting started with Visual Harvesting“. While I’m starting up a training in my organization, I had the opportunity to do a quick recap of the information, which is shared in this blog.

Don’t know what visual recording is? Please read this blog first.


The slideset for the training can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/KarelNijs/opleiding-visual-harvesting-slides


You don’t need paper to visual record your meeting, seminar or whatever. There’s an app for that” is also valid in these case. With these apps I’m able to do visual harvests at my iPad. You can use your finger, a digital pen or a Wacom pressure sensitive pen. I does take some time to get used to working on an iPad, but you immediately have your digital result ready to share.

Websites / links

Visual recording examples

Following examples I am allowed to share (no copyright or confidentiality):

Visual recording professionals



Thanks @ Leni for helping with this content!

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