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Request for comment: The power of employees to overcome the bank crisis

Change management in action! Writing about it is one thing, but now you have the chance for a sneak preview in the approach of our change management program at KBC Group.

KBC Group is an integrated bancassurance group, catering mainly for retail, SME and midcap customers. It concentrates on its home markets in Belgium and in certain countries of Central and Eastern Europe (daughters in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria). Elsewhere around the globe, the Group has established a presence in selected countries and regions (Ireland, USA, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Asia Pacific).

In October 2012 KBC launched the PEARL Strategy. This is the corporate change program for the entire KBC Group which combines the best of different change approaches of the past (e.g. Slim, Lean). PEARL stands for Performance, Empowerment, Accountability, Responsiveness and Local embeddedness.

Building the future together with Pearl

The competition

We are open for feedback to our approach and have participated in the HBR/McKinsey M-Prize “Leaders Everywhere Challenge“. Our story, “The power of employees to overcome the bank crisis“, was chosen as a finalist for the Leaders Everywhere Challenge.

Your contribution – call for action

One of the key criteria in the final judging for the winners of the “Leaders Everywhere Challenge” will be how we further develop our entry (both in response to judging comments and the comments and questions from your peers). For this we need your feedback, opinion and votes.

So I would like to invite you to comment, share and vote and help our contribution to win the competition:

The power of employees to overcome the bank crisis

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