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How do you measure success as a coach?

Success kidA question where many people are defeated on is: How do you measure success as a coach?
Since we’re spending a lot of money and time on it: how can we know that it’s paying off? What is your ROI (Return-On-Investment)?

The LORE International Institute uses following definition for coaching effectiveness:

Effective coaching is coaching that creates the right behavioral changes that lead to improvement in the client’s ability to impact bottom-line business results.

Further, LORE also acknowledges:

One of the biggest challenges in measuring coaching is that tangible, behavioral change is usually linked to intangible mindsets and beliefs.

So how can we measure our coaching effectiveness?

Lagging measurements

Lagging measurements are findings. They’re history.
But they are suited to check if you did well.

Measurement indications on feeling:

  • Is the coachee satisfied with the coaching?
  • Is the quality of life of your coachee improved?

Measurement indications on behavior:

  • Can you see your coachee changing his behavior?
  • Are other people telling you your coachee has changed his behavior?

Measurement indications on results:

  • Is your coachee reaching their results?
  • Is the quality of work of your coachee improved?
  • Is the customer feedback improved?
  • Is there more benefits or waste identified?

Leading measurements

The disadvantage of lagging measurements is that they’re recorded after the facts.
Once you have the data, it’s already a fact and you can only react upon it.

Leading measurement are predictors and can be used for proactive steering for success.

  • Time spent coaching (bi-laterals, workshops, content meetings, performance meetings, …).
  • Counting the number of “thank you” and “thank your for your time” you get back after your coaching talks.
  • Progress in coaching action plan (reaching milestones on time in full).

As you can see, it’s harder to find the leading measurement for effective coaching.

Suggestions are welcome!

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